Artist Statement

Catherine Haley Epstein, detail of “My Pharmacy” courtesy the artist.

“My Pharmacy” (detail), Catherine Haley Epstein

In all of my art, regardless of medium, I am inspired by people, collective identity, public and private, yes and no, fragility, belonging and not belonging. I respond to the abundance of imagery from the deluge of media available. I make work as a means to negotiate my position with our times. My work is prolific and varied. I tend to use a limited color palette so that information is lost in translation and replicated images are mere vestiges of themselves. My work is an exploration of power – power within and outside, power in its implicit working through all levels of life and experience. Through exploring complex psychological states, whether through myth or contemporary narratives, my work strikes a balance between the highly personal and the socially charged. My painting work is based on photographs mostly and there is often a political undercurrent in the choice of imagery. I draw subject matter from the most banal to the most charged photojournalistic images. A portrait of Laurent Gbagbo innocuously next to a portrait of my son renders the political as defunct – power is stripped of its authority. Through making I render all things equal.

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