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Medium: oil on canvas

Installation size: 72 x 72 inches

An extension of the primary “Seed Variance” exercise, each pie is a result of carefully chosen and researched data. I Googled each theme and marked the number of “hits” the searches yielded. I then mapped the results in Excel, to give me an Internet skewed view of my themes. This time, I chose to paint the data on canvases. The results amuse me, and there is, as always, serendipity in this type of exercise.

The themes remain personal and public, a play on big data and what it could mean for the individual. Any artists’ work is on one level a self portrait, whether the work claims to be a documentary of the oppressed, an exploration of history or the celebration of the everyday.

Each individual pie has it’s own theme, and I am currently working on the legend. The legend is only for the approval of a certain viewer. I prefer to show the work without it’s key, knowing full well that each of the slices of pie cries out for a disclaimer, a context and a meaning. For now I am enjoying the absurdity that is the search for meaning and justification.


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