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Interview about my book Nose Dive and Introducing Scent into Your Creative Tool Kit

A curious and fun podcast with Portland-base Chris Martin on the eve of Portland Design Week, and just after we were ordered for lockdown. Chris asked me many important, humorous and intellegent questions about my obsession with scent and it’s power to fuel our creative muscles.

The Flower, The Witch & The Pool Toy
New Work by Catherine Haley Epstein

Her language does not contain, it carries; it does not hold back, it makes possible. When id is ambiguously uttered-the wonder of being several-she doesn’t defend herself against these unknown women whom she’s surprised at becoming, but derives pleasure from this gift of alterability. I am spacious, singing flesh, on which is grafted, no one knows which I, more or less human, but alive because of transformations. – Hélène Cixous 

In honor of women’s history month, and the ever precarious path of using the flower in one’s work, I am installing work tethering to these themes. As a multidisciplinary artist, it’s imperative that I mix materials and meanings, where the alchemy becomes the most important aspect of the work, never the final product. Intuition is important to my work, and intuition is nurtured by relentless experimentation. As a way to invite the viewer into my creative process, I have frozen my studio and am sharing the work midstream. A true testament to the moto on my studio door “finish always, never complete”.

Scenting the Bates Hotel

Scenting a public space is serious business. With the hypothetical client Norman Bates, the doomed Bates Motel sets the tone for a lively discussion and working session. Artist Catherine Haley Epstein joins us at the IAO to share what she has learned scenting public spaces such as hotels, and will reveal some curious research about the ever-present creepy smells at the Bates and in our lives, that we generally sweep under the rug.

We will do a collaborative, hands-on group exercise to formulate the perfect scent for the Bates.


An Evening with Catherine Haley-Epstein

Conceptual artist and author Catherine Haley Epstein will present her new book Nose Dive: A Book for the Curious Seeking Potential Through Their Noses. The book is an invitation to play in the landscape of the olfactory, to reconsider our sense of smell, and to demystify the lines between art and scent. As part of her presentation, she will share the four fragrances she created for the On Forgetting art exhibit that launched her foray into olfactory research and work.


Catherine Haley Epstein is an artist, award-winning writer, designer and curator. She has written since 2012 on her blog Mindmarrow and in Temporary Art Review and Aromatica Poetica. This fall her essay “God Nose: The Radical Position of the Immaterial in Olfactory Art” will be published in an academic journal. She continues to collaborate with artists and writers around the world on unique initiatives that explore intersections between art and other disciplines.

Catherine shows her work globally, conducts workshops on the use of scent in creative practices, and advises companies on scent-related projects.

Join us on Saturday, August 10th from 6-8pm, for an exciting evening of scent, art and books.

To sign up for this event, please RSVP. We look forward to seeing you there!

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