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The artist must summon all her energy, her sincerity, and the greatest modesty in order to shatter the old clichés that come so easily to hand while working, which can suffocate the little flower that does not come, ever, the way one expects.

Henri Matisse (I changed the pronouns:)

A short post to point, share and thank you for your patience as I’ve been busy writing and publishing though on different platforms and channels. I will post them below, a big announcement, essays on forest smells, the odorbet, and the connection between the nose and genitals (odd but true).


Most importantly I wanted to share that Mindmarrow Publishing has been invited to publish the world renowned master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel’s book “Perfumery Revealed”. This is a historic project where Christophe will be sharing important nuances of the process and ethics behind perfumery, that have not been shared before. This will be a hardcover, full color book, so we are doing a kickstarter to help with the expense, please consider participating. Thank you!

In February I wrote my first monthly column, The Olfactory Report, for Aromatica Poetica. I am the first writer to have a featured column dedicated solely to the art and science of our noses, and for this I am so grateful for the opportunity. Some recent features:

The Olfactory Report 1: Smellicopters and the Smell of Old Books

The Olfactory Report 2: Armpits, Ribaldry, and Animalic Perfumes for Your Valentine, too!

Olfactory Report 3: The Lure, the Cure, the Smells of the Forest 

Image courtesy artist Ann Ploeger

I was featured in the Slow Down Newsletter, a fantastic project out of New York where they feature people and businesses doing interesting work around the senses.

There was an article about the Odorbet which I started this Summer in the Essencional Journal, and readers in Turkey will read about my goings on in the upcoming print version of XOXO Magazine.

On the Odorbet, I have also posted the following essays that have garnered some critical attention over the past few months:

Image courtesy Tessa Liebman: Methods and Madness Decay Dinner with Guerilla Science
“Cured and Charred” quick cured mackerel; charred scallion, leek ash, kimchee vinaigrette, stonecrop as part of the menu for the 2 night pop-up Decay dinner with Guerilla Science.

Scents of Plates

The Nose and Our Evolutionary Impulse: Sex

My book Nose Dive was reviewed by the Netherlands Olfactory Science Exchange, where they are acutely aware of the vast differences between my independently published book, and the mass-marketed book of the same title published 18 months after mine. Big publishing has some crass tactics in my opinion, and if anyone knows how to squash the bots on Amazon that they are throwing at my book I would appreciate it. My book is now being read in 28 countries and counting, and I could not be more happy with the community dialogue it is encouraging.

Lastly, but not least CARNET, the slowest project I am working on (by design), is making its way out into the world. While I am creating the scents and directing in general, this is a collaboration with my family where the support there has been incredible. So in a sense a family business. The hand poured candles are small batch and word of mouth (so now you know!). They are being carried in the following beautiful shops in Portland, Oregon:

Ford Grey Studio – 625 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

Fumerie – 3584 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202 (You may order online if you wish)

You can sign up here to learn more about when we officially launch the birdie, and there’s a quiet little instagram handle waiting in the wings @carnetlabs .


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