Link Love Some organizations, artists and people that inspire me often.

The American Perfumer

Ann Ploeger

Arthur Huang

Art Works for Change

Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference

David Bohm

Carla Repice

Design Week Portland

Diane Jacobs

Edward Burtynsky

Eau de Yosh

Eve Ensler


Galleria Continua

Global Oneness Project

Hospitality House

Institute for Art & Olfaction

Jennifer Esperanza

Lewis Hyde

Long Now Foundation


Mandy Aftel

Meghan E. Hunt

Museum of Walking

NIAD Art Center


Para Site

Paddle Project

Palette Naturals

Perfumed Plume Awards

Perfumery Code of Ethics

Prentis Hemphill



Sonya Renee Taylor

Southern Exposure

Stealing Beauty – Guy Ben Ner


The Fruitmarket Gallery

The Slow Down

The Way Things Go – Peter Fischil & David Weiss

The Zoo NYC

Temporary Art Review

The Right Brain Initiative

The Long Now Foundation

Traveling Postcards

Urroz Proyectos

Visual Thinking Strategies

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