No. 2 An Homage to the Pencil


I’m thrilled to announce the unveiling of my latest scent project and collaboration with artist Rory Sparks, a scent inspired by the pencil! It is available for purchase online at my shop. Here’s the back story of the collaboration:

Inspired by the humble pencil, artists Rory Sparks and Catherine Haley Epstein have created an homage in scent. The scent was created with a nose in a box of Blackwing pencils, and the ideas of freedom, focus and unlimited possibilities in the head. Throughout history and to this day millions of incredible design projects start with the pencil. It’s with this guiding principal we present “No. 2” the first fine fragrance, hand-crafted and meticulously packaged in honor of the pencil.

Nothing gives one permission more than a pencil to make your mark, try something new, make a suggestion or try a new skill. An added layer to this labor of love is the idea of the collaboration – an homage to a pencil would not be complete without a reference to the fact that there were hundreds of hands on a pencil before it lands on your desk. Much like the pencil, the the natural components of the fragrance, the conversation, the bottles, the package, the paper, the label – everything has been a communal effort.

Unlike the mysterious number 5 attributed to the abstract fragrance minted by Coco Chanel in 1921, “No. 2” is an unapologetic and literal homage to the number two pencil. Yellow paint, splintered wood and metallic graphite serve as the springboards. The scent is made entirely of natural components of trees, leaves and citrus.

No. 2 pencils are related to the visual, where Catherine and Rory are trained: No. 2 pencils leave a mark dark enough to adhere to optical standards, hence being ideal for standardized testing. Any pencil harder would leave a mark too light to read.

Lastly, the duo did not create a scent to inspire an esoteric, long lost journey to a foreign land. By creating “No. 2” we are reminded to think firmly of our present materials, and to make a stand using a humble material. It is only with limitations that we soar creatively.