My book has finally arrived and is ready for purchase. The very first Mindmarrow publication, I’m proud to see it’s reaching people and contains all the thoughtful and deep thinking that this blog was founded on. It is available for purchase now. The book is being deemed a must read from indie perfume veterans to industry experts. It is a finalist for the book of the year by Perfumed Plume. The most recent review of the book may be read here.

Required reading: Nose Dive by @mindmarrow – this is a fabulous compedia on olfaction for anyone, especially artists, writers, anyone intellectually curious and of course, fumeheads. Not only is it well-researched, Catherine’s manifesto on scent enlightens those who tend to experience life through their other senses. For any perfumer who has had to explain their work to the uninitiated, this book covers olfaction at large and lifts the lid on the topic of perfume and lets the subject matter breathe a bit more and waft into our imagination and leave a sillage of what is possible.  – indie perfume veteran Yosh Han

…. hey, i m reading the book as we speak, every conservative ( or conventional )….. in the fragrance industry should read it (but they won’t get it) and any new comer into the industry should read it 👍👍👍 read and apply that is. – scent artist, perfumer and industry expert Christophe Laudamiel

Nose Dive | A Book for the Creative Seeking Potential Through Their Noses

Adventures for your nose in art, anthropology, and science, the book Nose Dive is a broad introduction to olfactory culture meant for artists or anyone curious about the power of scent. Something is in the air with respect to our most powerful and least regarded sense. This book demystifies the world of scent, provides springboards for further study, and presents exercises for shifting gears with your nose. A must-read for anyone intrigued by the superpower right under our noses.

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