Scent Curation & Product Development

Scent Trunk

Honored to have been chosen for Scent Trunk’s May 2020 scent artist / perfumer. I was asked to design a scent inspired by ylang ylang and rose quartz. I’m thrilled with the results. You may purchase here, and you will also receive a copy of my book Nose Dive with purchase of the perfume. Here are details:

Catherine Haley Epstein
INGREDIENT FOCUS: Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
PROVENANCE: Nosy Be, Madagascar NOTES: Ylang Ylang, Violet, Grapefruit, Cedar, Bergamot, Vetiver
A bright, soft and sunny floral, green, woody and slightly spicy scent

“How do you take the sweet, spicy scent that is ylang ylang and pull it into a space that has strength over delicacy and power over pretty? Flowers are remarkable and resilient, so I tried to capture that quality in a scent that, like a flower, is rooted and androgynous. In addition, the element of rose quartz inspired me to design a scent that doesn’t attract the bees, but one that promotes connection and grace. This was an exercise in taming the saccharine notes of the ylang to move it towards soft, powerful feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. This scent is mono/uni/for-all floral. I’ve chosen the Nosey Be varietal of the ylang ylang, a beautiful sleepy island in Madagascar. As I move out of the soggy gray winter of the Pacific Northwest USA it’s been delightful to have my nose in the bright, sunny scent of this island native plant.”

-Catherine Haley Epstein

About Scent Trunk: “Scent Trunk showcases the Art of Perfumery. We offer a space for exploration and discovery, to find what delights and surprises you as well as deepen your knowledge and education. Whether you are an individual who wants to find that one signature scent, or an adventurous soul who wants a new scent each season, at Scent Trunk, we want to help you develop your own personal collection of fragrances that suit your fancy.” (read more here)

In Fall of 2018 I completed an exciting project where I was hired to curate the scent for the brand new hotel Bode in Nashville, Tennesee. We developed a candle and a room spray all within the branding guidelines. The scent reflects the simplicity and elegance of the new hotel. While the hotel is a bold new way of a home away from home, the scent is classic and enduring. I developed a candle and room spray for this stunning new facility.

Proud to have signed the Perfumery Code of Ethics and 2020, and important movement committed to integrity and creativity in perfume creation.