Mindmarrow A Person's Place For Thinking

Proper seeing requires a sense of tribelessness, a view in the now, non-judgmental, without guideposts. – CHE

Mindmarrow is an arts and culture blog launched in 2012 by Catherine Haley Epstein, and a name which encompasses her art practice. The blog represents the vital space for slower thinking necessary in the vertigo of today’s “information” tsunami. The thoughts expressed here are a way of grounding, a way of questioning, and an attempt at brave thinking in the face of fast, bite-sized thoughts.

While the topics are mainly contemporary art and art practice, they are presented in a way that connects them less to the ‘Art’-specific world, but to the outside world of education, industry and community. What does it mean to think creatively everyday? How do we learn through art?  How can contemporary arts be a powerful tool for discourse and movement through challenges? How is contemporary art similar to ancient art? What does it mean to be an artist working professionally? Isn’t everyone an artist?

The thread pulling the blog together is the emphasis on art as a verb, and art as a tool in learning and communication. You will not find party reviews, or gala reports here – there are many other sites doing this with aplomb. Here is sacred ground to ask the unquestioned, to explore the why not’s, and to uncover the simple and profound implications of art today whether the art is in the studio, a gallery, a museum, in a classroom or your kitchen sink.

I support my writing and research work through sales of my books, and small editions of products for well being. I mostly sell from my studio, though from time to time I make it out into the world with my products. Some may be found on this sister site. Thank you for reading and for your support.


In 2019 I published “Nose Dive”, a book sold in boutiques, on Amazon and through my website. The book is a handbook for the curious seeking creative potential through their noses. I will continue to publish books that in the spirit of this platform explore and celebrate art inspiring groundbreaking thinking and artists doing work in ways that stretch our definitions of art, where long thinking gives way to new perspectives. Art is a verb.