September 16, 2012 Repository: test 3 Posted In: contemporary art, exhibition of note

An exhibit of Storm Tharp’s work at PDX gallery in Portland was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. The artist continues with the figurative line of work, however the faces are now hidden with the artist’s background In clothing design and knowledge of art history are in the fore. The playful display of the sculptures, like clothing and accessory pieces in jewel cases fill an entire room, where the other side of PDX gallery is a room full of drawings seemingly preparatory for the sculptures. There is also a little gift of pillow sculptures – an homage to an odalisque this time using the male body as the jumping point.

“Holding a Peach”, at PDX gallery through September 29, 2012

image courtesy of PDX gallery and the artist. “Strut with Collar & Crossed Legs”, 2012


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