October 26, 2012 Repository 25: Ai Weiwei and The Ear Worm Posted In: chinese art, culture, perspective, social critique

I’m confused. And amused. I just found this clip of Ai Weiwei doing a parody of a song which (I had no idea – this tells you a little about my pop culture awareness), called Gangnam Style. It’s an ear worm of a song, and apparently, thanks to wikipedia, I’ve learned has been parodied by other “powerful” people (e.g performed by the likes of Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, and British Prime Minister David Cameron).

Admittedly I’m late to the party, but I just don’t get it. Viewing the original video by the South Korean rapper, I get nothing but a read of a little sexism and snappy dancing. I’m thinking the 500 plus million views are coming in from repeated views by choreographers trying to emulate the moves, so that said “powerful people” can perform this. I’ve even reviewed the lyrics which still don’t reveal much of anything besides the aforementioned sex bit.

I count my lucky stars that when I was younger I didn’t have the capacity to hit any upload buttons on youtube, because no doubt you would have found a silly rendition of me and my brothers doing something like this, for laughs, and for public consumption. Oh the humanity.

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