December 21, 2012 Repository 41: The 12 Days of Christmas Posted In: community, perspective, social critique

In this season of mass consumption and visual litter (e.g. advertisements, billboards), I couldn’t resist listing 12 billboards and ads I wish could be plastered everywhere:

1. don’t bother with pole dancing classes, try looking into someone’s eyes for a thrill;

2. 6 billion people in the world – your drama is not interesting;

3. you can not connect to nature until you let go of yourself;

4. eye contact is heavenly;

5. artists if you can’t explain your work at a bus stop, stop what you are doing and reconsider till you can;

6. kiss

7. touch

8. don’t blame the surface, understand the root

9. connect – be present

10. critics stop using your 5-20 years of experience to write from, there are 1,000’s of years of human thought to draw from: THINK BIGGER;

11. BE REAL: brought to you by the council of engagement (who? YOU!)

12. For speech relief kiss me




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