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Image courtesy Altaf Qadri / AP

Image courtesy Altaf Qadri / AP, free school run under a metro bridge in New Delhi, India

It’s very easy to get dizzy as an artist reading cryptic reviews in Artforum and equally cryptic calls for art proposals, bopping around art blogs, and trying to write generally confusing artists statements. The key to bring clarity to your work, is actually to get out of that world. Clarity is key – one needs to SEE WELL to be well as an artist. So leave the “art”then re-enter it after a heavy dose of learning, observing or doing something new. Unless travel is in the budget, the easiest way to do this is free school.

Below is a petite resource guide for artists on learning other things. It’s imperative that artists realize that:

a. An MFA is not necessary to make valid, important and quality work; and
b. The more an artist knows about OTHER things besides art, the more strong their work will be.

While I’ve been tempted to return to graduate school (past acceptances include public policy and arts education, along with psych degrees), I’ve not made the plunge. I’ve been happily researching away not based on a syllabus, but simply my curiosity. I’ve also been blessed to have mentors who years ago insisted on the study of David Bohm alongside the study of Giotto and Antoni Tapies.

That said, there’s never been a better time to get free school!! Some links for you to get inspired to take courses – the courses range as far as “what a plant knows” to “the history of art for gamers” to “the language of hollywood”. Courses are given by Ivy league schools as well as schools abroad, and every other school that’s savvy enough to come on board. BTW – I think learning a new language is the best way to throw your head out of the norm (includes code).

(ART specific)
Bruce Hugh Quality Foundation University or BHQFU) (tee hee)
I’ve signed up or David Salle’s course on writing about art – will be nice to see how expert he has become since his 6 month gig at Town & Country as art reviewer. Future professors include Hans Ulrich Obrist, Alex Katz and Liam Gillick!!!

This site compiles and organizes hundreds of courses from hundreds of schools, topics range as far as the schools (humanities to very tech specific).
Similar to Coursera. Their president was just interviewed by Stephen Colbert on his Colbert Report if that’s compelling.

(EVERYTHING, though TECH heavy)
Good place to learn java and visualize algebra.

Happy growing your brain and hopefully getting out of the usual!

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