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epstein_office2Besides art and family, I absolutely love homes, design and architecture. I frequently scan any interior and architecture magazines I can get my hands on, and any blogs that inspire home renovation and design. So when I came across Apartment Therapy‘s section on “behind the blog” where they featured offices of bloggers, I shamelessly sent in pictures of my space – less because it’s a marvel in design, but more to share some design secrets (*hint buy original artworks*).

To my shock and awe they actually posted the pictures I thought were suggestions (in the original email I sent, I promised to return with Windex and retake the pictures if they were interested in my space). Well they liked it, and they posted it, and that was it. So my design secret:

Buy functional IKEA furniture so that you can afford to buy ORIGINAL artwork and GREAT books.

So here is my office where I write everyday. There is order in the seeming chaos of the books – all by type, artist and theme. I change the books around once a quarter like I do with the artwork. I put new pieces in there all the time. Circulating the work feels right as we are so influenced by what surrounds us, it’s important to check in on what the pieces are communicating.


Unfortunately the post did not list the artwork shown in these particular images. They are hard to see thanks to my fabulous photo skills, but in case you were curious, some of the originals shown are by the following artists:

Elizabeth Pepin
Jason Brinkerhoff
Katherine Westermount
My work
My Dad’s work
Rebecca Szeto
Rocky Schenck
William Kentridge

Have a beautiful weekend, and thank you for reading!!

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