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 "My Melinda", photogravph courtesy of the artist Ann Ploeger.

“My Melinda”, photograph courtesy of the artist Ann Ploeger.

Several months ago I wrote about a collaboration I was facilitating between a writer and photographer. The result was a gorgeous short story. I spent the last month or so pitching the story and photos to different literary and art journals.

Two have responded with a resounding yes, and today the story is live in the winter issue of the Lantern Journal. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!! And a giant thank you the the talented and generous Ann and Meg!

How to Grow a Woman from the Ground
Text by Meghan Hunt, Photographs by Ann Ploeger

(Introduction of artists from the Lantern Journal)

Ann is a photographer whose work has been featured collections throughout the West Coast. Meghan is an emerging East Coast writer. Neither knew each other before this collaboration. A curator noticed the connection between their works—a perfectly macabre vibration—and asked Meghan to write a short piece based on Ann’s “My Melinda” series. The words here are the result—How to Grow a Woman from the Ground—a blurry, twisted tale seeped in the suggestion of death, mystery and decay.

Ann Ploeger lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Her work explores contemporary ideas of domesticity and what lies beneath it. Large format prints of her work have been exhibited at Froelick Gallery, Maryhurst Art Gym, Pushdot Studio, and Blue Sky Gallery. In 2007 William, James & Company published a monograph of the work simply called Portraits.

Meghan E. Hunt is a regular contributor to Brain Juice, the ADG Creative blog, and a previous contributor to The Nervous Breakdown. Originally a mountain child from the wild woods of New Hampshire, where the boundary between America and Canada is thin, she now lives and works as a copywriter in the terrifying suburban sprawl of central Maryland.

Story here.

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