March 20, 2020 Repository 225: Coronacation | When Things Fall Apart Posted In: community, culture, kindness, perspective, social critique

Do not censor yourself right now – make, write, do without judgement. Censorship* is the height of vanity as Martha Graham said, and now is a time where you must create, and destroy outdated definitions of your “self” and do it freely. I am speaking to you – self identified non-artist, or fully indoctrinated “artist” – we are ALL artists, it’s time to be meaningful. We are in crisis mode throughout the world and the only thing we can do to heal is to become more aware and comfortable with ourselves. I know this sounds woo woo, but do it. Human’s super power is the power to translate – to be creative – and you CAN NOT be creative truly without confronting yourself. We have reached this nadir of humanity because we have lost our way, and allocated our super power to others we thought more worthy – it’s easy to find our way back and if we do it collectively – we have a chance. Otherwise not so much.

While you are on your coronacation, I caution you to not heed the temptation of watching mindless hours of Netflix or social media feeds. While these are valid forms of release and entertainment, to be taken in increments as you might do weeding, there are other more rich, beneficial and challenging things to consume.

Take the time to listen to your body – what is it telling you? Take the time to listen to your partner or your children’s bodies – what are they telling you? Read, listen to and look at things that are bold, deep and generous. Remember always garbage in- garbage out. We can’t keep the garbage on / “it is what it is” button pressed any longer.

In an effort to help people out, I posted this on my instagram feed, and honestly – it’s a gesture. If you need it send me a note, if you can afford it pay me, if you can’t – reach out! I want to help in any way I can, and it turns out a perfumer’s studio in these times is pretty great on the anti-bacterial front. So here are the details:

“Hand & Phone Disinfectant” – 60 ml of bergamot scented 70% organic perfumer’s alcohol solution (190 proof). You can spray this on your hands, phone or other work surface (fine mist makes it safe for phone and keyboard spray). I am offering suggested retail of $20, and can waive cost of shipping (usually around $8 depending on where you live which is high), if you are in a pinch. I would also do a sliding scale for you. Please reach out directly to me to navigate a sliding scale (catherine@mindmarrow.com). Don’t be shy – we are in this together and I want to help. I would even consider a toilet paper swap. XO
If you prefer to use Venmo you can pay me at @Catherine_HaleyEpstein
Limit 2 per order at this time.
Made with love, by hand for you in these hard times, hang in there!!

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