May 3, 2020 Repository 227: Things to Do with Your Hands and Head Posted In: art practice, community, contemporary art, design, education, olfactory art

This week I am a panelist for the inaugural Digital Scent Festival. I have been asked to speak with two other panelists about scent, art and design. No small feat to do virtually, I’m excited for the challenge. It’s informal, so that’s the good news. Send me in advance questions you might want discussed. I will be sure to post highlights of topics covered. The event is May 7, 10 AM PST, here are the details and please RSVP. The event is free.

Secondly, I wanted to share the art prompts that I shared with one of my kid’s teachers. As she works tirelessly to manage a classroom virtually, it’s the least I could do to contribute in some way. I realized after typing them up, that they are things anyone can do, regardless of your age. So when your doodling feels like it could use a change of scenery, here are some art prompts you can try, or you can have your kids try (if you do number 4, send me your answers to add to my database!):

  1. The Island of Ice Cream
    The Island of Ice Cream has run out of new flavors, you have been hired to invent a new flavor. Please draw a picture of the new flavor and name it.
  2. Trace Shadow Shapes
    a. find a strong light source (window/desk might), and place an interesting object in front of it (toy, bouquet, action figure);
    b. tape your paper down so the shadow falls on the paper and won’t shift as you work;
    c. trace the outline
    d. If desired your can fill the shapes with watercolors or crayons
  3. Paint a Song
    a. lay out a piece of paper with whatever material you have – paper, paint, pencils
    b. listen to song with your eyes closed, listen closely
    c. choose colors and marks the song reminds you of. draw/paint small or fast.
    d. start the song again and begin drawing/painting. If you want to repeat the exercise with a different type of music doo (e.g. classical, jazz, or hip hop)
  4. Top 10 Earth Earth Smells
    You have been ask to educate aliens on planet earth. Please make a list of the most important smells the alien must know to understand the earth. Please feel free to illustrate them
  5. Snuggly Mom Portrait (Mom’s Day!)
    You can share some Mary Cassatt images, or an example or two from here. Invite the kids to make a drawing of a mom snuggling with her child or children. Animals could count too:)
  6. Rousseau and His Imagination
    You can share paintings by Henri Rousseau and explain to the kids that despite his being in France, he never traveled to the jungles and far off lands he painted. He made them all up in his head. He was also a self-taught artist, so he relied on his own instincts to fuse his imagination with traditional painting tools. Using anything (pencil, crayons), paint or draw a landscape you would like to visit.
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