August 7, 2020 Repository 230: Some Smelly Press Posted In: bon mots, books, community

A quick post to share some press I’ve received lately. It’s humbling, and I am happy to see it locally and abroad. Starting new dialogues with folks outside the art and perfume worlds feels great. And having the respect by the perfume world insiders also means the world, I’m so grateful. The underserved sense of smell continues on its rise in interest and relevance, yay!

  1. Last Sunday the Columbian did a thoughtful and thorough review of my work as a scent artist/author etc – the writer was genuinely curious, and did an excellent job making sense of scent and what I do for her audience.

2. The Perfume Society, based in the United Kingdom, wrote a generous and thoughtful review of my book Nose Dive. Thank you!

3. Nez is a beautiful quarterly magazine published in France that included a review of my book in this Spring/Summer issue. Honored to be part of this review on society, science, art, culture, and all things olfactory. You may buy a copy here in the states through venues like Fumerie.

I hope the note finds you all well, with some solace and peace as we live in radically new times. Sending big XOXO


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